DBT Supported M.Sc. (Ag.) Plant Biotechnology Admission - Last Date for Submitting Application and Uploading Documents 06.08.2022

Date of Notification: Thursday, Aug 04, 2022

Those candidates who have already filed their application through the admission portal (www.admissions.kau.in) but failed to upload the required documents through google form link are hereby directed to submit the same through the google form link given below on or before 06 August 2022. Similarly, the candidates who have submitted their documents through the google form link already provided in the application portal but failed to file their online application in the admission portal (www.admissions.kau.in) are directed to submit their online application on or before 06 August, 2022. No further communication will be issued in this regard and the application of candidates who fail to submit their application in the portal as well as documents in google form link will be summarily rejected without any further notice. More details in the announcement published here.